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What is baptism or christening?

Baptism is a symbol of what God has done and what parents promise to do. 

GOD has promised that all who trust in his son Jesus Christ will have forgiveness of their sins.  God promises that those who do not trust in Jesus are not forgiven by him but deserve eternal punishment for ignoring God and rejecting Jesus.  As Jesus, God has taken the punishment we deserved on himself.  People who trust in Jesus are no longer enemies of God, but are now part of his precious family.  He promises that they will have life with him, from now till eternity. 

PARENTS promise in baptism that they will raise their children to know & trust Jesus.  They promise that they are followers of Jesus, that they will teach their children to obey him, to turn away from disobeying God, and to meet & care for other Christians regularly at Church.

Baptism does not make a child Christian.  A person can still turn to Jesus and be saved without baptism.  But in baptism, the parents and godparents are making public promises that they will raise their child to be a follower of Jesus.  It is useless to say these promises if the parents are not prepared to keep them.  In that case baptism would be ineffective.

Should I baptise my child?

Baptism is for those who are prepared to raise their children as Christians, to follow Jesus and be regular attenders at Church.  So it is for those who make the following promises in public:

  1. that they trust in Jesus in alone
       to forgive them of their sins

  2. that they turn away from sin
       & strive to obey Jesus

  3. that they will be committed members of church,
       so they can care for other Christians and be taught by God's word.

If this is what you are prepared to do then baptism is a good thing for your child.  We at Denham Court would love to be part of baptising your child and be helping you as parents fulfill the baptism promises.  Our Sunday meetings, bible study groups and courses are available to equip you to follow Jesus for all your life, be encouraged by other Christians and give you the opportunity to serve & care for other Christians.

If you aren’t ready to fulfill these promises, then Christian baptism is probably not for you.  You may want to find out more about Christian baptism and what it means to follow Jesus before you make such a life changing commitment.  We at Denham Court Church would love to help you in this.  Please contact the minister Nigel on 9829 2871 to find out how.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to do to have our child baptised
at Denham Court Anglican Church?

You will need to be prepared to fulfil the baptism promises that are described in the section above.  Other than being Christian and meeting with the minister, there are no requirements for baptism at DCAC. However, we strongly recommend coming to our 10am service, and attending the Simply Christianity course that is held regularly.

Who should be Godparents?

The tradition is that a child has three godparents - two of the same sex, one of the opposite. This is not fixed. The people you choose should be people who you see as having a good Christian influence upon your child in the years to come.

What do you recommend for baptism gifts?

A children’s bible that you can read with your child is an invaluable gift.  The church has a selection of bibles that you can purchase if you wish.

How much does the service cost?

There is no charge for baptism at DCAC. However, if you would like to make a contribution towards the work at DCAC you are most welcome.

Any other questions, please contact us.

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