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Years of Christians Gathering…

The church building, St Mary the Virgin Denham Court, was originally built in 1838 as a private chapel in memory of Richard and Christiana Brooks of “Denham Court”.  Richard Brooks died in 1833 having been gored by a bull.  Christiana died shortly after in 1835.  The church building was erected over their graves

The building was modelled on and named after the church building in the English village of Denham.  It was designed by the prominent architect John Verge and built in the “Early Regency Gothic Style”.  It was completed by the Brook’s daughter, Christiana Blomfield.  It was consecrated on August 25, 1838 by Bishop Broughton and was “staffed” by clergy from St Luke’s Liverpool.

The Bell Tower has a bell from the convict ship the “Earl St. Vincent“.

The original rectory was built in 1846 and the Parish of Denham Court was established.

The building has been restored a number of times since being built most recently in the early 1990’s. Denham Court is currently a Provisional Parish and the home of a growing congregation of God’s people.

We hope that you join us in Denham Court’s future.

If you would like more information a copy of “The Story of St Mary the Virgin Anglican Church“ may be purchased from the church office for $5.

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