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Telling Others About Jesus

This church is involved in God’s mission of proclaiming the news about Jesus and calling people into His family.  We’re involved locally, nationally and internationally.



Around the Macarthur region, ANGLICARE provides support to those in need.  They provide care for all people by addressing emotional, social and physical needs and by bringing the gospel message of Jesus that alone meets our spiritual needs. This is done in response to the love God has lavished on us through Jesus Christ.

Primary School

As part of the Special Religious Education program that runs in NSW schools, we have classes teaching children about who Jesus is.  This happens in our local primary school, Ingleburn North.


Tasmania - Irfon and Barbara Griffiths

Irfon and Barbara are our Bush Church Aid (BCA) link missionaries. Irfon has been ordained as Rector of the parish of St Leonards and Barbara has been actively involved in children's ministry, pastoral care and hospitality. Irfon and Barbara left Denham Court and have been living, working and ministering in Launceston since October 2004.


Cambodia - Rolf and Bonnie Lepelaar

Rolf and Bonnie are involved in training the local church leaders in Phnom Phen, Cambodia. They are employed by the Church Missionary Society (CMS) training pastors to work in churches all over Cambodia. In addition Bonnie supports a ministry to educate marginalised families. They have two children – Jasmine and Samuel.

To find out more about their ministry check out or

Cambodia - RICE4Life

Under the leadership of Martin and Margaret Yeomans, RICE4Life has been supporting a school in the village of Khvein, a  northern Cambodian village just outside of Angkor Watt, the ancient ruined Khmer city in central Cambodia.

This work has included providing school materials and food relief for the village during drought.

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