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Bible Talks on the New Testament

Each week we gather to hear from God’s word, the bible, so that we might know God better and learn how He wants us to live.  Our bible talks seek to explain a bible passage in a way that everyone can understand.

These talks are based on letters in the New Testament part of the bible, except the 4 gospels.  Talks on the gospels can be found here.

Feel free to download our talks.  Most talks are between 4-6MB.

- God’s Current Task

What’s God been doing since Jesus was raised to heaven 2000 yrs ago?  He has a plan, a vision, a task to complete:  to proclaim the good news of Jesus to all peoples by the words & actions of Christians assisted by the Holy Spirit.  This will impact on your life - but how exactly?

Recorded Jan 2011

01 Acts 2 What Can I Say.mp3

02 Acts 7 Why Bother with Mission_.mp3

03 Acts 10 Who Do We Tell_.mp3

04 Acts 17 Who is God_.mp3

Romans - Getting Right with God

People try all sorts of ways to get right with God: some
think it’s by going to church, others think they’re good
enough already. But what does God have to say about it?
This letter helps us see how to get right with God and why it’s the most important choice you could ever make.

Romans talk outlines.pdf

Recorded Jul-Sep 2014

01 Romans 1.1-7 Identity.mp3

02 Romans 1.8-17 Driving Passion.mp3

03 Romans 1.18-32 Self Deception.mp3

04 Romans 2 Morally Bankrupt.mp3

05 Romans 2.17-3.8 Worthless Religion.mp3

06 Romans 3.9-22 Fully Condemned.mp3

07 Romans 3.19-31 Gracious Gift.mp3

08 Romans 4.1-15.mp3

09 Romans 4.16-25 Always Faith Alone.mp3

10 Romans 5.1-11 Abundant Gifts.mp3

11 Romans 5.12-21 Life in Christ.mp3

12 Romans 6 Abundant Life.mp3

2 Corinthians - Living in Tough Times

Hardship & suffering is a part of life.  When it happens to
us, how are we to cope?  What part does God play when
we suffer?  In Paul’s letter to the Corinthians we see
people who are going through tough times and responding in ways that please God.

Recorded Aug-Oct 2009

01 2Cor 1 True Comfort.mp3

02 2Cor 1.12-2.17 God's Faithfulness.mp3

03 2Cor 3 Second Best.mp3

04 2Cor 4 Power in Weakness.mp3

05 2Cor 5.1-10 Our Unseen Future.mp3

06 2Cor 5.11-21 Love Made Me Do It.mp3

07 2Cor 6 Whatever It Takes.mp3

08 2Cor 8-9 Money Matters.mp3

09 2Cor 10 God's Perspective.mp3

10 2Cor 11-12 Weak Boasting.mp3

11 2Cor 12-13 Selfless Servant.mp3

Galatians - A Message to You

The apostle Paul brought God’s message about Jesus
to humanity.  But what happens when people add to that
gospel message?  Distort it?  Change it?  Find out how
crucial it is to be listening to the true gospel.

Recorded Aug-Sep 2012

01 Galatians Intro.mp3

02 Galatians 1.mp3

03 Galatians 2.mp3

04 Galatians 3.1-14.mp3

05 Galatians 3.15-29.mp3

06 Galatians 3.26-4.11.mp3

08 Galatians 6 Living to Love.mp3

Ephesians - Walk This Way

Paul’s letter to the churches around Ephesus is about how Christians are to walk in this life.

Recorded:     Aug-Sept 2008

01 Eph 1.1-14 Walking on Sunshine.mp3

02 Eph 1.15-23 Walking with eyes wide open.mp3

03 Eph 2.1-10 Dead Man Walking.mp3

04 Eph 2.11-22 Walking Together 1.mp3

05 Eph 3 Walking in Chains.mp3

06 Eph 4 Walking Together 2.mp3

07 Eph 4-5 Walking in the light.mp3

08 Eph 5 Walking with Others.mp3

09 Eph 6 Walking into Battle.mp3

Philippians - Creating Unity

A group unified by one thing; struggling to keep that
unity;  vitally connected to a worker in a distant
land. What keeps them together?  The lessons they were taught in this letter teach us how to get along with others.

01 Phil 1.1-11 Business Partners.mp3

02 Phil 1_12-30 Glass Half Full or Empty_.mp3

03 Phil 2_1-11 Hero Worship.mp3

04 Phil 2_12-30 The Model Life.mp3

05 Phil 3_1-11 Spotless or Filthy_.mp3

06 Phil 3_12-30 Forging Ahead.mp3

07 Phil 4_2-9 Right Relations.mp3

Colossians - The Centre of the Universe

Jesus is the maker, sustainer & goal for the whole universe;  he’s it’s centre;  he is the reason for our existence;  he alone can fix our broken relationship with God.  In this letter to Christians, the Apostle Paul urges us keep holding firm to Jesus Christ alone.  Our goal in life should be living to please him.  Are you on board with God’s purposes for the universe?

Recorded Jan-Feb 2010

01 Col 1.1-23 Christ Supreme.mp3

02 Col 1.24-2.5 Struggling for Maturity.mp3

03 Col 2.6-23 No Additions.mp3

04 Col 3 Family & Work.mp3

05 Col 4 Making the Most of Life.mp3

1Thessalonians - Getting It Together

The church in Thessalonica in the 1st Century seemed to have gotten their act together.  It’s one of the few churches that’s not criticised in the bible.  What did they get right?  How can we get it together?

Recorded Aug 2010

01 1Thessalonians 1 A Model Faith.mp3

02 1Thessalonians 2 Ministering the Gospel.mp3

03 1Thessalonians 2-3 Always on my Mind.mp3

04 1Thessalonians 4.1-5.11 Building the Christian Life.mp3

05 1Thessalonians 5 Joy in the Journey.mp3

Hebrews - Keep on Going

This letter was written to Christians who were struggling to keep on going with their Christian lives. It focusses on Jesus as the one & only way we can live life now & for eternity. Be refreshed as this letter shows you a different side to Jesus.

Hebrews Talk Outlines.pdf

Recorded May-Jun 2013

01 Hebrews 1  God's Final Word.mp3

02 Hebrews 2 Unleashing Your Potential.mp3

03 Hebrews 3 Keep On Keeping On.mp3

04 Hebrews 4.15-5.10 Confident Living.mp3

05 Hebrews 5-6 Eat Well Live Well.mp3

06 Hebrews 6-7 A Firm Anchor.mp3

Recorded Aug-Sep 2013

01 Hebrews 8 Out with the Old.mp3

02 Hebrews 9-10 The Real Thing.mp3

03 Hebrews 10 Hold On Tight.mp3

05 Hebrews 12 Better or Bitter.mp3

1 John - Christian Character

John’s letter to the churches describes four attributes of a Christian.

Recorded:    Mar 2008

01 1John - 1 A Love for Truth.mp3

02 1John - 2 A Love for Clean Living.mp3

03 1John - 3 A Love for Other Christians.mp3

04 1John - 4 A Sure Confidence.mp3

Revelation - Jesus in Charge

The Book of Revelation has puzzled people for centuries with it’s vivid imagery & warnings about the future.  These talks attempt to unravel it’s mysteries using simple Christian principles of reading the bible.  When we read this book, we find that events that affect us & everyone around the world are all in the hands of the one in charge - Jesus.

Recorded Feb-Mar 2011

01 Rev 1 Some final words.mp3

02 Rev 2-3 Letters from Heaven.mp3

03 Rev 4-5 View from the Top.mp3

04 Rev 6-11 History Revisited.mp3

05 Rev 11-16 Beware of Imitations.mp3

06 Rev 16-19 Winners & Losers.mp3

07 Rev 19-20 Triumphant Victory.mp3

08 Rev 21-22 Its all good.mp3

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