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Bible Talks on Various Topics

Each week we gather to hear from God’s word, the bible, so that we might know God better and learn how He wants us to live.  Our bible talks seek to explain a bible passage in a way that everyone can understand.

These talks are on various topics, based on the bible.

Feel free to download our talks.  Most talks are between 4-6MB.

7 Healthy Habits

Seven good habits to help us survive & thrive in the rough & tumble of life.

Healthy Habits Talk Outlines.pdf

Recorded Feb-Mar 2014

01 Prequel - Beginning the Year.mp3

02 7 Habits - Trusting.mp3

03 7 Habits - Renovating.mp3

04 7 Habits - Listening.mp3

05 7 Habits - Praying.mp3

06 7 Habits - Meeting.mp3

07 7 Habits - Serving.mp3

08 7 Habits - Sharing.mp3

Beginning the Year handout.pdf

Thankful Lives

When we realise just how good God has been to us, it’s right that we give him thanks.  This series looks at how our whole lives are meant to be lived in thankfulness to God.

Recorded Oct 2013

01 Thankful Lives.mp3

02 Thankful Speech.mp3

Sharing Christ with Others

God’s people are called to be involved in His great task of inviting others into His kingdom.  The task isn’t as difficult as you might think.  This series explores how we can be involved & what we might say to help others be saved from death in sin to life in Christ.

Recorded Nov-Dec 2012

02 God's Work, My Role.mp3

03 God in Charge.mp3

04 Man in Danger.mp3

05 God Responds.mp3


It’s easy to ask God for help.  But what things does God
want us to pray about?  What things does He want us to ask?

Recorded Jun-Jul 2012.

01 Prayer 1 Answer Me O Lord.mp3

02 Prayer 2 Total Dependence on God.mp3

03 Prayer 3 Mourning for Sin.mp3

04 Prayer 4 Praise for Salvation.mp3

05 Prayer 5 For the people of God.mp3

06 Prayer 6 The Lord's Prayer.mp3

07 Prayer 7 For the Church.mp3

08 Prayer 8 For Holy Boldness.mp3

09 Prayer 9 for Unity & Hope.mp3

God’s Spirit - God at Work

God’s Holy Spirit is a mystery to most people.  Who or what is the Holy Spirit?  How is he involved in the world?  What’s his interest in me?  This series answers those questions and more.

Recorded Feb 2012.

01 God's Spirit 1.mp3

02 God's Spirit 2.mp3

God’s Big Plan

God has a plan for the universe & every person in it.  He reveals this plan little by little through the whole bible.  This series goes through the whole bible from start to finish showing how the bible all fits together.  How will God’s plans impact you?

Recorded Oct-Dec 2010

01 God's Plan - 1 Creation.mp3

02 God's Plan - 2 Rebellion.mp3

03 God's Plan - 3 Promise.mp3

04 God's Plan 4 - Rescue.mp3

05 God's Plan 5 - Israel.mp3

06 God's Plan 6 - Ruin & Promise.mp3

07 God's Plan 7 - Jesus.mp3

Listening to Our God

The bible is large & complex.  What key assumptions do we need to have in order to rightly understand the meaning of bible passages?

Listening to Our God.mp3

Getting Acquainted with God

The God who made us has revealed himself to us so we can know him truly.  What’s He like?  And what is the Trinity?  A topical series that seeks to get to know God better.

Recorded May 2009

Trinity 1 - Knowing God.mp3

Trinity 2 - Knowing God through Jesus.mp3

Trinity 3 - God at Work.mp3

Trinity 4 - Living with God.mp3

Cash Values

We Australians have so many wonderful resources at our fingertips:  money, possessions, time, energy, relationships.  How are we to use them in such a way that pleases God? 

Recorded Sept 2010

01 Cash Values 1 God & Money.mp3

02 Cash Values 2 Paying the Bills.mp3

03 Cash Values 3 Partners in the Gospel.mp3


A topical series about using the time, skills, talents, possessions & money that God gave us in ways that please God.

Recorded:     Sept-Oct 2008

01 Stewardship 1.mp3

02 Stewardship 2.mp3

03 Stewardship 3.mp3

Four Ideas that Shook the World

What are the four ideas that differentiate Christianity from Roman Catholicism or any other religious faith?  What makes Christianity unique?

Recorded:     Jun-Jul 2008

01 Grace Alone - Eph 2.mp3

02 Faith Alone - Jn 3.14-19.mp3

03 Christ Alone.mp3

04 Bible Alone.mp3

Special Talks

Two ways to live.mp3

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing 2Pet 1.mp3

How to Serve God Mt 12.mp3

What is Church?.mp3

2Corinthians 4 Press On!.mp3

Heb 10 Back Burning.mp3

Women’s Christmas Breakfast.mp3

Evangelistic Talks

Explaining God’s message about Jesus and his importance to you.

ANZAC Day Rom 5.mp3

A Fresh Start.mp3

Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life.mp3


Just what has Jesus’ death & resurrection accomplished for humanity?

1 Easter 2014 John 18-19.mp3

2 Easter 2014 John 20.mp3

1 Easter 2013 Victory Mark 15.mp3

2 Easter 2013 Authority Mark 16.mp3

1 Easter 2012 Death.mp3

2 Easter 2012 Life.mp3

Easter 2011 -The King Reigns.mp3

1 Easter 2010 Death.mp3

2 Easter 2010 New Life.mp3

1 Easter 09 - Last Shout.mp3

2 Easter 09 - Fresh Contract.mp3

1 Easter 08 - Heb 10 Thank God its Friday!.mp3

2 Easter 08 - Acts 2 Resurrection.mp3


We celebrate this birth more than any other.  What makes Jesus’ birth so significant?

Christmas Eve 2014 - Missing Out Lk 2.mp3

Christmas Eve 2013 - Three Men and a Baby.mp3

Christmas Eve 2012.mp3

01 Xmas 09 Light in a Dark World.mp3

02 Xmas 09 What You Need.mp3

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