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Getting Married at Denham Court Church

Christian marriage is a great blessing. At Denham Court Anglican Church we see it as an honour to work with you as you prepare to commit yourselves publicly to your life together.

If you would like to have your wedding service at Denham Court Anglican Church, please contact the minister on 9829 2871.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of preparation is required?

All couples married at Denham Court Anglican Church need to undergo some form of pre-marriage education. This is most often, undertaking a course conducted by the ANGLICARE, or going through the Prepare course with the minister. You will also meet a number of times with the minister to plan the day and to think about the significance of Christian marriage.

Can we write our own vows?

Within the Anglican Church of Australia there are a number of options for the service that is to be used. However, it must be an approved order and only minor variation is possible within the services. This is because the words that are said are very significant and a great deal of thought has gone into them. The Minister is able to give you advice on constructing an order of service to hand on the day if you choose to have one.

How do we organise music for the wedding day?

We have two musicians who we can put you in contact with who can play for weddings. Their fee is separate from any contribution made to the church. If you would like you use pre-recorded music we do have equipment to play CD’s. However, any music must be appropriate for a Christian wedding.

What does it cost to get married at Denham Court Anglican Church?

A contribution towards the ministry of the church at Denham Court is invited from each couple being prepared for marriage. This gift is in recognition of the work and effort that goes into maintaining the property as well as the time of the minister. The suggested amount is $650 and this includes the fee for the pre-marriage preparation. This is a guide as circumstances vary.

It is better if this contribution is made prior to the wedding day.

Can I be married at Denham Court Anglican Church if I’ve been divorced?

In the case of a previous marriage ended by divorce you will need to speak with the Minister before any commitment to take the service can be given. After speaking about the issues involved, approval will need to be sought from the Bishop. This is not meant as a punishment. It’s because we are bound by the Christian understanding of marriage. 

Any other questions, please contact us.

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